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About Kasia Vetter Photography

Kasia Vetter Photography


For more than 15 years, owner Kasia Vetter have taken thousands of photos for small businesses and large corporations. We have a knack for telling stories with an atmospheric quality. 


Using the latest equipment and techniques, Kasia Vetter Photography works across many industries, providing:

Kasia Vetter's Energy


We offer high-energy, creative, stress-free, photoshoot sessions that result in amazing images. For nearly two decades, the Lake County business community has come to appreciate our professionalism and dedication.

Kasia Vetter
Kasia Vetter
Kasia Vetter
Kasia Vetter.jpg
Kasia Vetter

Kasia realizes her dream


In 2009, Kasia’s dream of her own professional photography business became a reality. She launched Kasia Vetter Photography. Soon, she was taking photos at corporate events and weddings.


In just four years, with the continued support of her husband, family, and friends, Kasia was able to expand her business. She opened her first photo studio in Lake Zurich.

Kasia Vetter's passion for photography grows


People often ask Kasia what she likes most about her career. The answer? Her clients.


Kasia says, “Each client brings a new opportunity for me to create something fun, unique, and memorable. I draw from my imagination

or in collaboration with my clients.” 

Kasia Vetter’s Story

At age 22, Kasia Vetter arrived in the United States with just two suitcases and a dream to turn her passion for photography into a business. 

Kasia's Dad instills a love of photography

Kasia credits her passion for photography to her dad, an amateur photographer. She saw the joy photography brought to her father. She also grew to appreciate the images he captured of family, friends, and places she left behind in Poland. 

I still have the old book and camera my father
gave me when I was 14. I’m so thankful to my
dad for passing on not his passion for photography
and so many memories
,” Kasia says.

Kasia Vetter dad with his old camera

Kasia Vetter's  dad, Henryk Zamkotowicz circa 1984
(He was always capturing moments with his camera.)

old camera with photography book

Kasia Vetter's dad loaned her his favorite photography book to read when she was 15 year's old. Also, shown is her dad's  camera.

Kasia Vetter Photography today

Today, Kasia Vetter Photography’s studio is in Wauconda, IL.  


“I proudly put my name on my studio door and the images I create,” Kasia says.

“I put all of my energy, knowledge, heart, and soul into what I do. I want to get to know my clients

and exceed their expectations. Most important, I hope my photography evokes smiles,

memories and connections - just like my father’s photos did for me.”  

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