About Kasia

“Who am I”

My name is Kasia (Shortened from Katarzyna, for many reasons. It seems to be working!) At 22, I moved to the United States with my entire life packed in two suitcases. I live in Wauconda, IL with my husband Brian and our basenji dog - Cairo. In 2009, I started Kasia Vetter Photography with the support and encouragement of my husband, family and friends. By 2013, I was excited to open my first studio in Lake Zurich. Though I’m often on location with corporate events and weddings, it’s lovely to have my own space to dream and create. Photography is my passion. I’ve developed a knack for telling stories with an atmospheric quality. Using the latest professional equipment and techniques, I offer in-studio and on-location photography including weddings, engagements, corporate, trade shows, executive portraits, advertising and marketing service and more.

“My First Date” with Photography

When I was 14, my father, an avid amateur photographer, handed me his old camera and a book about photography. At family events, he was the one running around taking pictures of everyone. He seemed to be having so much fun. Later, as we smiled and watched slides projected on a big, white screen or flipped through albums, I came to see how important photography could be. I came to learn who my family was, where they came from and more of their stories because of the images left behind. I still have the old book and camera and am thankful to my dad for passing on not only his memories but his passion for photography.

Behind Scenes

That’s me “working” (having fun more likely). I may be just a blur, seldom standing still. I’m working to get all those shots we talked about when we first met. I’m on a mission to capture all the best moments of your special day. Don’t worry if this is all new to you. This isn’t my first rodeo and I’m happy to provide suggestions and some guidelines if it all seems overwhelming. If you can describe what you’re looking for, together we can make it come true!