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The Photoshoot Experince 

Your photoshoot experience is all about YOU. At Kasia Vetter Photography we strive to:

  • Compose and capture amazing images for you.

  • Offer you a wide variety of image choices.

  • Create a stress-free photoshoot session with your comfort in mind.

  • Make it fun for you!

Your photoshoot consultation 

Your photoshoot starts with a consultation by phone, in-person, or on Zoom. (Please note that our in-person photo consultations take place at our studio and are by appointment only.)


The purpose of the initial photoshoot consultation is to learn about your overall goals. At the same time, we’ll decide the vision and direction of your photoshoot session. 


First, we’ll learn more about you and your needs. Do you want in-studio or on-location headshots? Or will branding and lifestyle photography better suit you?


By understanding you and your goals, we’ll be able to create a fun, stress-free, and creative photoshoot session for you. One that gets you the images you need.


Whatever your vision is, we’ll work together to bring all the photoshoot pieces together for the best results and images. 


This is your photoshoot, and the session is about you and/or your team. 


Don’t worry if you don’t have a creative vision for your photoshoot! We’re pros. We’ll help you figure it out. We’ll design a photoshoot that fits your personality, showcases your style, and meets your marketing needs. 

Scheduling your photoshoot

Next, we’ll schedule a date and time for your session. For on-location photoshoots, please book a conference room. We require a minimum of an 8'x10' space.  


To secure your appointment, half of the nonrefundable session is required at the time of your photoshoot booking. In urgent or emergent circumstances, you can transfer the nonrefundable booking fee to another date, based on availability. Please note, we’ll only reschedule your photoshoot once. Furthermore, we require notice of rescheduling at least 48 hours in advance. 


The photoshoot session fee is for the creative planning and photoshoot session itself. This fee does not include any images, prints, albums or other products. You’ll purchase these items separately.

Kasia Vetter Photography.jpf

Preparing for your photoshoot

Your headshot photoshoot sessions will last up to one hour from the scheduled appointment time. Please be on-time and ready to strut your stuff, so as not to shorten our window of opportunity. 


Please don’t skimp on personal considerations the day of the photoshoot. You’ll look your best if you get a good night’s rest and eat a full meal. Additionally, you’ll want styled hair, a neat manicure, pressed clothing, and meticulous grooming.

The photoshoot

  • We’ll spend up to hour with you to achieve a good selection of images.

  • Studio sessions are typically at our Wauconda photography studio. We can also take photos at a studio of your choice.

  • For on-location photo sessions, we’ll arrive 30 minutes before your photoshoot to set up the space.

  • We’ll will coach you to get the best shots.

After your photoshoot

KVP Consultation Studio.jpg
  • When your photoshoot is over, we’ll edit your images. Then, we’ll place the edited images in an online gallery for your approval and selection. 

  • This process of editing and uploading your images generally takes about two business days. 

  • Once you’ve selected your final images, we’ll conduct more comprehensive editing. For example, we may whiten your teeth and remove blemishes, stray hairs, and other imperfections. 

  • Next, we’ll send your finished high resolution images via a Dropbox link. What’s more, we’ll provide your final images in two formats: web-ready (for online use) and high-resolution (for print).

  • We accept checks made payable to Kasia Vetter Photography, debit and credit cards, and cash.

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